Dr. Breauna C. Wall

University of Minesotta Twin Cities

Dr. Breauna C. Wall stands as a distinguished figure in the education sector, with a career spanning over a decade, characterized by a blend of academic excellence and practical leadership. Breauna holds a Doctor of Education from Johns Hopkins University, a Master’s in Educational Leadership - Principalship from Northern Arizona University, and a Master’s in Special Education from Arizona State University, reflecting a deep and diverse academic foundation. Additionally, she gratudated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's in Sociology, Crime, Law and Deviance.

As a Clinical Practice Supervisor and Lecturer at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Breauna imparts extensive knowledge to students across various credential and master’s degree programs. This role emphasizes the alignment of educational practices with California’s P-12 content standards, fostering diversity, inclusion, and the use of advanced educational methodologies and technologies.

Commitment to Special Education

Empowering school leaders and bridging the gap between general and special education is not just a profession; it's a passion.

Expertise in Transformative Professional Learning

Dr. Wall is recognized for her expertise in facilitating transformative professional learning experiences within the field of special education.

Empowerment of School Leaders

Specializing in empowering school leaders, Dr. Wall enhances supervision of special education programs and staff to improve outcomes.

Focus on Inclusive Learning Environments

Dr. Wall's work focuses on bridging the gap between general and special education, fostering inclusive learning environments

Insights from Supervising Multiple Schools

Supervising special education across 20 schools, Dr. Wall gains invaluable insights into effective educational strategies.

Strong Academic Background

Dr. Wall's expertise is backed by special education credentials, research, and advanced studies.

Impactful Professional Learning Initiatives

Dr. Wall delivers impactful professional learning initiatives, blending practical experience and scholarly pursuit.

Recent Conference Presentations

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